A professional photographer and filmmaker. He has a strong technical background and keen eye for detail with seven years of experience in Photography and Filmmaking. His underwater work has been featured in Redbull, ABS-CBN, GMA Network, Choose Philippines, The Manila Bulletin Newspaper, Southern Living Magazine, Smile Magazine, Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine, Freedive Magazine, The Bohol Chronicle Newspaper and many others - all images were taken during freediving, no breathing apparatus was ever used. Martin can execute projects on all budget levels with his wide range of skills which include conceptualizing, photography, filming, editing and color grading. Martin is also the current national record holder in two freediving disciplines, Free Immersion and Constant Weight No Fins.

Tears & Waves
A music video to raise awareness of shark finning, dynamite fishing and hunting of endangered manta rays.
Dive Ta Bai's Anniversary
Bien Unido
Mysterious Statue Underwater
South East Asia Freediving Challenge 2015
Reef Exploration
Photoshoot with Annelie Pompei
Punta Engaño
Fun dive in Kontiki
Plane Wreck Exploration
Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge 2014
One Man, One Breath, One Goal
Stefan Randig's National Record Attempt
Gen Abanilla
Underwater corridors at Fortune Island
Hyemin Kim
Night diving shoot for Barrel
Freedive Panglao Depth Challenge 2015
Champions' videos during the competition